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Assembly and Decorators

Cabecera Montaje y Decoración


STAND BUILDERS AND DECORATORS companies must be aware of and comply with the applicable regulations for the work they carry out within the fair precinct, and act in accordance with the instructions and information given by IFEMA.

In accordance with the above, before work starts, these companies must seek information on their obligations regarding risks and preventive measures in the exhibition areas during stand assembly and dismantling, the procedures in place for coordinating company activities, the general safety regulations of the site, regulations governing the entry and presence of vehicles for loading and unloading purposes, prohibited activities throughout the site or in specific places, regulations on the assembly of stands and/or structures, waste products, times designated for stands to be assembled and dismantled, and for goods and decoration materials to be brought in or taken out, etc.

All companies are responsible for complying with the site regulations set out below and for ensuring that their personnel comply with them.

Important: in cases where work must be done to hang structures in the halls during the assembly process, we recommend that you carefully read the Regulations for Rigging Structures in Halls .

Explanatory note to the section 6.3 OTHER RIGGING of IFEMA Regulations for Hanging Structures in Halls/ Rigging, which shall be mandatory as of January 2015:

All the elements hanging from the structures of the halls and auditoriums of the  North Convention Center and South Convention Center , whose structural elements do not have a valid certificate of usage in force  pursuant to the Spanish legislation, shall be guaranteed by means of a certificate issued by a technician and approved by the relevant professional association. This certificate shall contain the description of the installation of the project provided, validate its design in relation to the loads to be supported and confirm that the assembly has been carried out adequately and in accordance to the corresponding project.

All the assemblies carried out on structures which are expected to be covered with non-textile materials or require any type of stretcher frame to carry out it and have an approved certificate, shall also present the certificate approved by the corresponding professional association.



Preparation guide for assembling/dismantling stands

Before beginning assembly:



During the Assembly Process:

  • Once in the hall, and before starting any assembly work, you must confirm the location of your stand and the services you have purchased with the hall manager.
  • All companies must ensure that all the machinery they use is identified (telescopic basket lifts, cranes, forklift trucks, etc.), and also provide a contact telephone number for the company from which this machinery has been hired. You must present all this information to the hall manager before starting any work.
  • All vehicles must abide by the Regulation on the Entry and Presence of Vehicles, which is provided in General Rules on Participation 7th Edition
  • In accordance with current legislation on urban waste, all exhibitors, as well as companies contracted and/or subcontracted to assemble the stands, are required to remove all materials used during assembly within the established time limits.
  • Following the period provided for the assembly of stands, any materials that are left in the common areas of the hall will be removed by IFEMA. Exhibitors and contracted and/or subcontracted companies will lose all right to lodge any claim for loss or damages caused, and will also be liable for the removal costs, for which they will be invoiced by IFEMA according to the charges shown in the table of fees. 

During the fair:

  • In order to be able to carry out stand maintenance work during a trade fair, decoration or assembly companies must request authorisation for this, via their exhibitor, from the Fair Services Department (hall manager), who will decide whether to issue such authorisation after assessing the request.



During dismantling:

  • In accordance with current urban waste legislation, Exhibitors and their contracted companies are jointly required to remove all waste directly relating to their activities, including assembly and decoration materials, plastic, painting packages, etc. at the end of the event.

    This means that all Exhibitors, as well as any companies contracted and/or subcontracted by them to assemble and/ or dismantle stands, are obliged to assemble, dismantle and remove all assembly materials used within the allocated time periods.

    Following the period provided for the dismantling of stands, any materials that are still in the common areas of the hall will be removed by IFEMA. Exhibitors will lose all right to lodge any claim for loss or damages caused, and will also be liable for the removal costs, for which they will be invoiced by IFEMA according to the charges shown in the table of fees.

  • Should Exhibitors fail to dismantle their stands within the set time limits, they must pay IFEMA the cost of providing this service, based on IFEMA's estimate according to the work to be carried out.



Assembly regulations in halls

Ferias 2018
Madrid Auto --- General Rules
Vehiculo de Ocasión --- General Rules
Tecma/Esclean Specific Regulations General Rules
SRR Specific Regulations General Rules
Genera Specific Regulations General Rules
Puericultura Specific Regulations General Rules
MOMAD Metropolis Specific Regulations General Rules
MOMAD Shoes Specific Regulations General Rules
Bisutex Specific Regulations General Rules
Intergift Specific Regulations General Rules
Madrid Joya Specific Regulations General Rules
Meat Attraction Specific Regulations General Rules
Salon Look Specific Regulations General Rules
Estampa Specific Regulations General Rules
1001 Bodas --- General Rules
Flower&Garden Specific Regulations General Rules
Fruit Attraction Specific Regulations General Rules
Expotural Specific Regulations General Rules
SIMO educacion Specific Regulations General Rules
EPOWER¬Building Specific Regulations General Rules
Constructec Specific Regulations General Rules
Veteco Specific Regulations General Rules
BimExpo Specific Regulations General Rules
Archistone Specific Regulations General Rules
Matelec Specific Regulations General Rules
Matelec Industry Specific Regulations General Rules
Feriarte Specific Regulations General Rules
Almoneda --- General Rules







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