IFEMA celebrates Global Exhibitions Day

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Exhibition operators and venues from around the world come together today to give visibility to the activity of the trade fair sector, which convenes 32,000 business meetings annually, attended by 303 million visitors worldwide


 IFEMA joins the celebration of Global Exhibitions Day #GED19, promoted by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). A day on which the main representatives of this industry, organisers, trade fair operators, venues, convention centres, associations and service providers from all over the world come together to showcase the exhibitions sector in a coordinated way.

The global trade fair industry, responsible for boosting the economy of all sectors, convenes 32,000 business meetings annually, involving 4.5 million companies and 303 million visitors. In total, 1,210 exhibition venues operate worldwide, with a total area of 34.7 million square meters, whose activity supports 3.2 million jobs and contributes 167 billion euros to the global GDP. In Spain, the activity of the sector is materialised in 600 annual trade shows, with 60,000 exhibitors and 8 million visitors.

An industry that not only contributes to the dynamism of the economy, but also supports the reduction of the impact of business on the environment, for a more sustainable world. Exhibitions can contribute to changing patterns of consumption and behaviour and help to reduce inequalities, thanks to the fact that they are the meeting place for the most inclusive companies and professionals in the world. For this reason, the exhibition sector works to support the achievement of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), included in the 2030 Agenda.

This day represents for IFEMA the opportunity to express its gratitude to the more than 33,200 companies and more than 3.6 million visitors who participate every year in the more than 700 events held in its facilities. These figures position the Institution as the number one exhibition organiser in Spain and one of the most important worldwide. Last year, the institution's activity contributed 4.37 billion euros to Madrid's finances, generating 26,168 jobs. It is worth noting IFEMA's commitment to internationalisation, holding major events every year such as the International Tourism Fair, FITUR; the International Contemporary Art Fair, ARCOmadrid, the International Trade Show for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry, FRUIT ATTRACTION, and the International Automotive Industry Fair, MOTORTEC AUTOMECHANIKA MADRID; as well as the numerous world medical congresses and congresses for other sectors that take place in its facilities.

All this is represented in the achievement of ambitious goals, such as its contribution to the positioning of Madrid as the world's number three city for congresses in 2018, in a ranking prepared by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), and the Emergency Management certification granted by AENOR to IFEMA, based on Standard UNE-EN ISO 22320, on the Protection and Safety of Citizens. Emergency Management. Requirements for the response to incidents, among other achievements.




More information:

www.globalexhibitionsday.org #GED19

Julián García | Communication and Marketing Department IFEMA | julian@ifema.es




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· The revenue generated by IFEMA's fair and congress activities grew 25% to represent 3.2% of the city's, and 2.1% of the region's, GDP, consolidating its position as a key driver of Madrid's economy

· 2018 closed with record figures, attracting 3.6 million visitors, 33,203 exhibiting companies and 720 events, 21% more than in the previous year

· IFEMA turnover was 17% higher in 2018, standing at €138.5 million, with an EBITDA of 27.7 million (+ 23%). This doubled net profits taking the total to €10.8 million

With a contribution to the finances of Madrid in 2018 of €4,374 million and 26,168 employees, IFEMA has established itself as one of the city and region's most important economic drivers. The figures, taken from a KPMG report, stem from the remarkable growth experienced by IFEMA last year, in which it expanded its activities to serve 33,203 exhibiting companies – up 7% – and 3.6 million visitors, an increase of 14% over 2017.

The economic impact of IFEMA's fair and congress activities, which have increased by 25% in terms of revenue and 40% in terms of employment has had a significant impact on its importance to the city's GDP, coming to represent 3.2% of it, while in the Madrid region it accounts for 2.1%, in both cases half a percentage point more than the estimate made in KPMG's previous report.

IFEMA's 2018 balance can be summarised through a series of new records: a total of 119 fairs, 12 of them abroad; 8 large congresses with exhibitions, as well as numerous conventions, festivals and other events aimed at professionals and the general public, a total of 720 events, up 21% on 2017. An extensive programme that has allowed IFEMA to increase its turnover to €138.5 million, 17% more growth than in 2017. An EBITDA of €27.7 million (up 23%), doubling its net profit to €10.8 million.

 The significant jump in the economic impact of IFEMA's activity in Madrid in key sectors such as hotels, commerce and transport, has been further strengthened by the greater internationalisation of its business. Foreign exhibitors already account for 29% of the total, while foreign visitors represent 12% of all attending. These correspond to the fact that in 2018, Madrid hosted 51% of international fairs in Spain, well above cities like Barcelona, with 22%, and Valencia, with 7%.

The stimulus created by this contribution of economic value and the positioning of Madrid as one of the international leaders in the MICE market helps make progress on IFEMA's roadmap. In 2019 this will once again be evident with a growth target that will see it invoicing €145 million, and with a business portfolio that will exceed 100 fair activities and 700 events of various kinds, in addition to an estimated 35,000 companies and 4 million visitors participating.

The approved budget for 2019 likewise confirms the fulfilment of IFEMA's strategic plan, with a focus on a wide range of actions to enhance the growth of its asset portfolio (through fairs, conferences, external fairs, major events, leisure activities, services and projects abroad), and consequently of its revenue, bringing it to €202 million by 2022. To achieve this goal, IFEMA has also proposed the management of new spaces and the expansion of its current venues. Of special interest here is the Municipal Conference Centre, which since January of this year has come under IFEMA's responsibility, as well as the IFEMA Valdebebas expansion project. Planning and designs are at a very advanced stage and awaiting the administrative green light.


IFEMA's growth in 2019 will be based, as indicated, on the strength of its trade fair programme, which will be enriched by the launch of new events that it will either organise itself or with blue-chip partners, such as MORNING, DIGICOM EXPO and ORGANIC FOOD IBERIA + ECOLIVING IBERIA. Moving on to events of another kind, this year will see the July launch of CAMPUS IFEMA THINKINDS, which seeks to stimulate the entrepreneurial potential of children aged 9 to 16 by tapping into multiple intelligences. Activity levels will also increase through the holding of major world congresses. Of special importance here for another year will be the medical sector, which will hold three of its largest events worldwide in Madrid: EULAR (the European League against Rheumatism) with 15,000 attendees; EADV, the Congress of the European Association of Dermatology and Venerology, with 10,000 attendees expected; and ERS, the International Congress of the European Respiratory Society, with 18,000 expected to attend. In other sectors, the World Congress of Air Traffic Management (9,000 attendees) will once again be held at IFEMA.

Also deserving a special mention is the contribution by new lines of activity, which had great success over the previous year. If we only take concerts and music festivals into account, IFEMA has already confirmed events for 2019 that will bring more than half a million people to its facilities, which has led the company to launch its own ticketing platform for public events (www.entradas.ifema.es).

 IFEMA also continues to expand its portfolio of franchise fairs in other countries. This year events will be held in Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Portugal, including two newcomers: TRAFIC LATINOAMÉRICA and FORO DE LAS CIUDADES in Medellín and MULAFEST Acapulco, which will be joining ARCO Lisboa and SALÓN LOOK Santiago de Chile.

 Excellence in service

With its customer-centred activities and the pursuit of excellence in service, IFEMA continues to make a significant investment, enabling not only a spectacular modernisation and improvement of its facilities, but also an acceleration of its digital transformation and of management model , and adapting, as it has done recently, its organisational structure to favour internal talent as well as fostering a change in business culture. Investment in 2018 totalled €18.8 million, a sum that will increase to €25 million in 2019, including major projects such as the modernisation of all LED lighting on its premises and the digitisation of information and advertising media, as well as new investments in the area of security. In addition to this, over €5 million will be allocated to Palacio Municipal over the current year, premises that passed into IFEMA's hands in January 2019.




MBFWMadrid, the great Spanish fashion festival, holds its 70th event

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From 5 to 10 July, the second major event for the fashion industry in Spain will take place, once again opening the calendar of international fashion shows

Among the new attractions this year, the growth and internationalisation of the Samsung Ego platform stands out, giving room to three brands, two of which are international, a benchmark in the world of fashion for their ground-breaking proposals. Another outstanding development is the implementation of the L'Oréal Paris–Because You're Worth It, that the cosmetics firm will stage to celebrate 20 years of support for Spanish fashion. The winning designers from these two decades of the Awards will be taking part

This year's show includes 42 leading Spanish creators and brands and three emerging international firms. Featured names from Spanish design will be returning to MBFWMadrid, including Palomo Spain, Devota&Lomba, Maria Escoté, Maria Ke Fisherman and Oliva  

On 5 July the shows and presentations will be held in different parts of the city, while from 6 July IFEMA-Feria de Madrid's Pavilion 14.1 will be the main stage, with each day concluding with presentations in other locations. The Samsung EGO shows will open the catwalk calendar on Saturday 6 July at IFEMA Pavilion 14.1 

On July 8 at 1:45 pm, MBFWMadrid will pay homage to Leonor Perez Pita, better known as Cuca Solana, the recently deceased catwalk director for over thirty years 

A new Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid has arrived. The great festival of Spanish fashion, organised by IFEMA, holds its 70th event from 5 to 10 July, bringing together the best of current Spanish design. This year includes 42 leading creators and Spanish brands and three emerging international firms, which for six days will star in a veritable celebration of Spanish fashion, highlighting their different aesthetic approaches, as well as their richness and creative diversity.

The event, which will reopen the calendar of international catwalks, will be held at IFEMA-Feria de Madrid and at other venues in the city. It will start on 5 July with events in different parts of Madrid, and from Saturday 6 July to Wednesday 10 July at IFEMA-Feria de Madrid Pavilion 14.1, with almost every day ending with shows in other locations and the direct participation of leading designers and brands, as in previous years. On Sunday 7 July the IFEMA designers' shows will begin. On this occasion the creative duo Ailanto will be opening the fair.

Major attractions

This year's MBFWMadrid has some outstanding features. Prominent national design names like Palomo Spain, Devota&Lomba, Maria Escoté, Maria Ke Fisherman and Oliva will be returning to the fair. Palomo Spain will present a documentary on Sunday 7 July, closing the day of shows, while Maria Ke Fisherman will perform a spectacular outdoor staging of her new collection at the Puente de Toledo. Meanwhile, Juan Carlos Pajares and Lexdeux will be showing their new collections in the Jardines de Cecilio Rodriguez gardens and the Central de Diseño de Matadero design centre respectively. For their part, Devota&Lomba, Oliva and María Escoté have chosen the catwalks at IFEMA Pavilion 14.1 for their return to MBFWMadrid. Juanjo Oliva and Devota&Lomba will present their collections in the Mercedes Benz and Maria Escoté rooms and the Bertha Benz room respectively, presenting a collection made from garments purchased from the Wallapop online platform.

Young talent grows as internationalisation moves forward

On Saturday 6 July, shows from the young creators Samsung Ego will kick start the presentation of collections at this year's MBFWMadrid at IFEMA, with the daring contributions of nine emerging creators.

This year, Samsung Ego has grown to become an international platform that supports fashion innovation, with the aim of becoming a global point of reference. Spain's Samsung Ego Innovation Project, the winner of a €10,000 scholarship, now brings together the collections of two international guests who are a role model in terms of innovation for the development of new clothing techniques, silhouettes, materials, staging and sustainability. The participation of these two international brands represents a quantitative leap in interest for the fashion media and followers, as well as a qualitative leap in the platform as a milestone in the latest ground-breaking fashion.

Of the three participants, the up-and-coming Alaska accessories company from Spain, the winner of the 12th Samsung EGO Innovation Project, will be responsible for launching the parade programme, with its project focusing on design, prototyping and the development of headwear accessories created through the incorporation of new hardware technologies and the latest design software.

After this there will be two international fashion shows – the first from VeniceW, from Ventura, California and resident in New York, which makes clothes in paper and then replicates them in linen and the second from London's Di Petsa, who uses a unique semitransparent fabric design that is reminiscent of wet material.

Of the five young Spanish creators with shows at this year's Samsung EGO, three will be taking part for the first time – Inkrush, Wastaholic and Coconutscankill – while two will be returning – Becomely and Dominnico. 15 young creators will also be presenting their collections in the Samsung EGO Showroom's MBFWMadrid Cibelespacio, with direct sales to the visiting public.

Mariam Gvasalia, an international designer from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Georgia's show will close Samsung EGO 2019 as part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent Awards.

Fashion Vibes Market

Another feature of this year's MBFWMadrid is the holding of the Fashion Vibes Market, an open-air showcase for emerging brands – Fashion, accessories, beauty and decoration – located on the street in front of the entrance to IFEMA Pavilion 14 (free admission). It will run from 6 to 10 July in parallel with the sponsoring brands' shows and activities in Cibelespacio inside Pavilion 14.1, bringing together 20 brands.

Tribute to Leonor Pérez Pita

This year's MBFWMadrid will remember the character and legacy of Leonor Pérez Pita, better known as Cuca Solana, the director of this event for more than three decades, who died in March this year. Cuca was one of the most important figures in the fashion industry, which she loved deeply and for which she fought throughout her life in order to ensure it had the reputation and visibility it needed.

Pérez Pita directed the Pasarela Cibeles catwalk (currently Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid) with passion and total dedication, making it the standard bearer for the whole sector and the undisputed symbol of Spanish design inside and outside the country. Today she still continues to be linked to the IFEMA event as the President of the Fashion Committee, MBFWMadrid's advisory body for a number of areas.

As a tribute to her character and dedication to the catwalk, the screening of two tribute videos is planned. One will be presented in the Mercedes-Benz room, on Saturday 6 July at 1:45 pm on the opening day of the IFEMA fashion shows, with the other, featuring testimonials from prominent Spanish fashion figures, screened on Monday 8 July at 12.15 pm at the Sushita Café catwalk, in the company of designers and other professionals. This video will also be shown continuously at the same venue until Wednesday 10 July, allowing all attending this year's MBFWMadrid and Cibelespacio to see it. A book of remembrance will also be available for all those who want to dedicate a few words in memory of Cuca.

Presentations in different places in Madrid

On 5 July, the first day of this year's fashion shows, there will be presentations of collections in different places in Madrid, with the brands featured personally invited by designers such as Pilar Dalbat, Lexdeux, Carlota Barrera (the Who's On Next 2019 award winner), Maison Mesa and Moisés Nieto.

Closing the day of shows on 5 July, 21Buttons Fashion Gallery , the popular app and fashion social network will present a fashion exhibition at the Casino de Madrid, starring renowned influencers and models who will be wearing collections from Spanish firms such as ES Fascinante, featuring brands such as Atelier Aletheia, Clea Stuart, Charlotte Blaz, Leandro Cano, Devota&Lomba, Nina Mûr, Gold & Roses, Sybilla, Vogana, MAS34, Verbena Madrid and Isalda, among others. During the event, those attending can visit the exhibition and get to know the companies' designs through different corners shaped by the influencers and models, the stars of the evening.

Ekseption Luxury Multibrand Store will be dressing the windows of its Madrid stores with creations from this year's participating designers.

Another activity that will take place in Madrid in parallel with MBFWMadrid is the presentation of Camper Together with Ecoalf, organised by Miguel Fluxá, CEO of Camper and Javier Goyeneche, chairman and founder of Ecoalf at Ecoalf's Madrid store (Calle Hortaleza 116) on Tuesday 9 July.

MBFWMadrid will again be encouraging the extending of fashion and its different manifestations throughout the city, as usually happens in other major cities during their fashion weeks. Both Madrid City Council and the Comunidad de Madrid regional government support a large part of these initiatives, as well as the Association of Fashion Designers of Spain (ACME - Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España), through its Madrid es Moda programme.

The Comunidad de Madrid will again be helping to publicise fashion design and creation during this year's MBFWMadrid, supporting two designers, Pedro del Hierro and Roberto Verino, who will be exhibiting their designs at the Real Casa de Correos in Puerta del Sol, the headquarters of the Comunidad de Madrid, on 9 July at 8 pm and 9.30 pm respectively.

For its part, Madrid City Council, within the framework of its Madrid Capital de Moda (MCDM) programme, will once again be promoting and supporting a series of fashion-related activities in various areas of Madrid, such as the Maison Mesa show at Circo Price, the Pilar Dalbat and Juan Carlos Pajares show in the Jardines de Cecilio Rodríguez gardens, the Maria Ke Fisherman event at Puente de Toledo and Lexdeux at the Central de Diseño de Matadero design centre. As at previous events, a screen will be installed in Plaza de Margaret Thatcher on the corner of Paseo de la Castellana, from which the 70th MBFWMadrid, taking place at Feria de Madrid, can be followed live, as well as providing information on other fashion projects.

Similarly, the Madrid es Moda (MeM) urban fashion festival, organised by the Association of Fashion Designers of Spain (ACME - Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España), in collaboration with Madrid City Council through Madrid Capital de Moda, will be presenting its ninth such event from 1 to 14 July. Exhibitions, special shop windows, museum tours, shows, talks on sustainable fashion, gastro-fashion partnerships, fashion film screenings and special shopping activities will be taking over the city from July 1 to 14.

MBFWMadrid will also be holding an interesting off-programme event which will run from 2 to 4 July.

L'Oréal Paris, 20 years of involvement in fashion

Another feature this year is the L'Oréal Paris Parade Because You're Worth It catwalk, supported by IFEMA/Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which the cosmetics firm will hold on Wednesday 10 July at 7 pm, a deeply meaningful and relevant celebration of 20 years of association with and unconditional support for Spanish fashion. The event will bring together designers and winning models from the Best Collection and Best Model awards each year. Two decades in which the brand has continuously reinterpreted the diversity of femininity and 40 L'Oréal Paris Awards at MBFWMadrid.

Talks from the world of fashion at Cibelespacio

The Cibelespacio will be the location of several talks open to the visiting public, by leading figures from the world of fashion.

The ELLE Fashion School area of MBFWMadrid Cibelespacio will feature 40-minute talks from fashion professionals who will reveal the latest features and speak about the current events of the sector. Innovation, coolhunting, influencers and digital marketing will be topics to be discussed by the speakers at these open talks at Cibelespacio. Speakers include Jessica Michault, CEO of the international digital platform of the Moda GPS Radar business, Pelayo Santos, Digital Marketing Director at New Link and Javier Plazas, coolhunter.

All those interested in attending should confirm attendance at escuelamoda.elle.es.

Meanwhile on 7, 8 and 9 July, Mó de Multiópticas will bring together outstanding influencers, such as Rocio Osorno, Ana Moya, Mery Turiel, Melissa Villareal, Paula Argüelles, Jesús Reyes, Maria Valdés, Andrea Rueda and Carmen de la Cruz and Carlota and Claudia.

In addition, the Spanish Fur Association (SFA) will be offering daily activities at its Cibelespacio stand led by prominent stylists including Natalia Bengoechea and Abraham Gutierrez, the actress Nerea Garmendia, the designer Dominnico and the influencer Jesús Reyes.

Featured buyers' programme

In its second event of the year, the catwalk show has returned to bringing its show days forward by two months to avoid coinciding with other international catwalk shows. In total, 22 buyers and 12 international journalists will be attending this year's MBFWMadrid, invited by the organisation. Representatives of prestigious concept stores will be attending, such as Mytheresa as well as department stores such as Harvey Nichols Saudi Arabia, Lafayette France, Fenwick United Kingdom, Le Bon Marché France, Fifty One East-Darwish Luxury of Qatar, Tsum Russia and Ginza Holding of the United Arab Emirates among others, with prominent figures and influencers from around the world, including Derek Warburton, Hilary Alexander OBE and Jessica Michault, among others. This year's catwalk will also feature a selection of major international heads of fashion such as Vogue Runway, Vogue Italia, Vogue Russia, Hola Fashion UK, Millionair Mag, Forbes, Soedit and Telemundo de Miami.

As was the case last year, MBFWMadrid will include a Buyers Room at Cibelespacio, to help participating designers establish commercial relationships with Spanish and international buyers. In this room, the designers' collections will be brought together so that they can be viewed by professionals, as well as serving as a meeting point and resting place for buyers invited by the organisation.  

New website and new app

This year's MBFWMadrid will be underlining its commitment to new technologies. It has launched a new website that offers a more attractive and visual design, in line with the nature of the event, based on the idea that digital channels are the first point of contact between people and the brand, in which design should play a fundamental role. The new website also allows for the optimising of participation and interaction on websites and mobile and social media channels.

Meanwhile, the event is also launching a new app. The new official MBFWMadrid app will provide the user enjoy a great fashion experience wherever they are, allowing them to discover all the features of Spain's leading catwalk and take in everything happening around them.

Greater internationalisation

MBFWMadrid is part of the GPS Radar catwalks, an international platform thought of as the Linkedin of fashion, which connects professionals from the fashion, luxury and cosmetics sectors from all over the world. Last season, Spanish fashion was registered as the most downloaded and viewed among the catwalks recently joining this platform – Tel Aviv, Lisbon, Prague, Toronto, Tokyo and Russia – with almost 84,000 hits, compared to 39,000 for Tokyo in second place.

MBFWMadrid and its commitment to sustainability

MBFWMadrid maintains its commitment to sustainability. This year's handbag has been made with organic cotton. In a similar vein, Maria Escoté will be presenting a collection made from second-hand garments purchased through the Wallapop online platform, an initiative that is part of the so-called circular economy.


Once again, this year's MBFWMadrid will have major support from sponsoring brands. In total, 20 outstanding firms, leaders in their respective sectors, have confirmed their support this year. Mercedes-Benz, L'Oréal Paris and Inditex, as main sponsors; Samsung, Dyson, Royal Bliss, Iberia, Font Vella, Mó de Multiópticas and Grey Goose, as sponsors, and Only YOU Hotels, Sushita Café, ESNE- University School of Design, SFA-Spanish Fur Association, Distrito 41 and Bestway as collaborators Lays Gourmet, HydraFacial, Anaconda and Xyon Revolution will also have a presence this year. 

In addition, Fashion TV will be the event's international television company.  

MBFWMadrid coincides with FIMI, the children's fashion fair

In its first days of exhibiting, the 70th MBFWMadrid will coincide with the FIMI children's fashion fair, co-organised by IFEMA and Feria Valencia, which will take place in Pavilion 14 from 5 to 7 July, presenting Spring-Summer 2020 collections. Once again, FIMI will be the most specialised meeting point in Europe in terms of children's and youth fashion. Its FIMI Kids Fashion Week catwalk will be incorporated into the exhibition, which will take place on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 July at 1.30 pm.


Enter the ATMosphere for Business at World ATM Congress 2019

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There is still time to register for World ATM Congress 2019, the world's largest air traffic management (ATM) conference and exhibition that runs from 12-14 March 2019 at IFEMA, Feria de Madrid! The event will bring together aviation leaders from more than more than 136 countries and territories, including high-ranking officials and representatives from more than 80 air navigation service providers (ANSPs), airports, airlines, governments, armed forces, NGOs, manufacturers, and suppliers. World ATM Congress 2019 is on track to exceed last year's 8,542 registrants.

World ATM Congress, now in its seventh year, is produced by the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) in partnership with the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA). The Conference Programme provides a unique platform for discussing the future of ATM by bringing together the world’s foremost aviation leaders to share their insights, views, and expertise on the major issues and challenges facing the ATM industry. The theme of the Conference is “Tackling the Big Issues in ATM – Capacity, UTM Integration, People”, will focus on industry’s biggest issues, such as unmanned aviation systems (UAS) integration, UAS traffic management (UTM), U-Space and urban air mobility (UAM), diversity in a changing aviation workforce, and the best path forward in expanding ATM capacity.

World ATM Congress also features an Exhibition Hall with a record-breaking 247 exhibiting companies and organisations across various sectors of aviation. The three-day event will once again offer complementary educational programming in six presentation theatres showcasing research findings, new product launches and demonstrations, new air traffic control (ATC) technology, and perspectives on ATM policy presented by EUROCONTROL, SESAR Joint Undertaking, FABEC, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Global UTM Association, and many more.

World ATM Congress 2019 will also play host to several events, including the IHS Jane’s ATC Awards and the European Commission Awards, both on 12 March, as well as several press events throughout the three days.

For more information about World ATM Congress 2019, please visit www.worldatmcongress.org. Online registration runs through the event. On-site registration is available at no additional cost. Complementary full-access press registration is also available.


More information:

Abigail Glenn-Chase, Director of Communications, World ATM Congress

+1 202 213 2506 | abigail.glennchase@worldatmcongress.org


Glenn Cudaback-Cox, Digital Media and Marketing Manager, World ATM Congress

+1 717 495 4600 | glenn.cudaback@worldatmcongress.org





TECNOVA PISCINAS 2019 will host 117 companies from the aquatic installations sector

Noticia Prensa IFEMA G
The TECNOVA GALLERY and the Swimming Pool Assembly Workshop, the main highlights of the event





The aquatic installations industry will meet at the second edition of TECNOVA PISCINAS 2019, the Aquatic Installation Technology and Innovation Trade Show organised by IFEMA from the 26 February to 1 March. Hall 5 at Feria de Madrid, with 11,021 m2 of gross floor area, will show the most innovative solutions by 117 exhibitors, exceeding the one hundred recorded in the first edition in 2017, 61 represented companies and 219 brands, from 12 countries. These figures prove the consolidation of the Trade Show as the main commercial platform for the industry. The TECNOVA GALLERY and the Swimming Pool Assembly Workshop are the main highlights of the event

This is a very innovative sector, the main proof of which at the Show is the return of the TECNOVA GALLERY, which brings together the most technologically-advanced products and services shown at the event. This selection includes the company Aipool, with its Aipool Touch;  Aquatic Sweeper S.L. and their design Aquatic Sweeper; Binder Gmbh & Co. KG, which will show the Hydrostar; BSV Electronic and its new Techsalt version;  Kovyx Outdor and Power Steel Swim Vista Series Pool and the Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki; Isaba Proyects, with the iBaby;  AirJet Cobertoldo, which will show its Cobersun Enery Pool;  Fotoceramic, presenting Graphic Ceramic Pool Floors; DTP Piscinas, with the Model Amazonas, and Pool Technologie, with its projects Nueva Gama and Pure Chlore.

The companies Mármoles Santa Bárbara and Servigres are developing the Double Drainage Grille for Pools, Terraces and Communal Drains; while the company Renolit will bring to the Fair Renolit Aldorplan Ceramics, and Wellnes Technologie Ibérica will present its Bicycle with Water in Individual Cabin with Hydromassage. Lastly, Aplicor Water Solutions will develop the DDS Hipocal System; the company Azenco, the Telescopic Enclosure Smart, and Abermove Pool Cover will show the Pool Covers: V-Line, S-Line and H-Line.

 Added to this selection, chosen by a Committee with the aim to provide visibility for the most innovative products, are the rest of exhibitor proposals, among which are leading companies in the industry.

TECNOVA PISCINAS 2019 will again provide swimming pool professionals, pool and aquatic centre managers and distribution channel managers with an in-depth view of the industry thanks to the sectors of Private and Commercial Pools and Leisure Aquatic Centres; Wellness, Private and Commercial Saunas and Spas; Construction, Linings and Installations; Equipment, Protection and Safety for Pools, Wellness and Spas; Water Maintenance and Treatment; Technology for Pools; Decoration and Equipment in the Pool Environment; Technical Media and Industry Associations.

In addition to company participation, this year TECNOVA PISCINAS will again be backed by the main industry associations and organisations, such as ASEPPI, Spanish Association of Swimming Pool Professionals; the Spanish Association of Wellness Spa, SPATERMAL; the Spanish Federation of Camping Ground Entrepreneurs, FEEC and the Chemical Industry Cluster of the Balearic Islands, CLIQ.


. New Swimming Pool Assembly Workshop

ASEPPI is responsible for organising the new Workshop that will show, throughout the Trade Fair, the process and materials required to assemble a pool. There will be four workshops, from the 26 to the 28, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm: Tuesday 26, Purification; Wednesday 27, Disinfection, and Thursday 28 will close with the Heating and Accessories workshops.

There is also a program of conferences and activities to be held within TECNOVA PISCINAS 2019, which includes a networking meeting for exhibitors on Tuesday 26 February.

  TECNOVA PISCINAS, the Aquatic Installation Technology and Innovation Trade Show again coincides with the IFEMA Trade Fairs HVAC & REFRIGERATION and GENERA, with the second Trade Fair for Innovative Water Management Solutions, SIGA, with the II HydroSenSoft Symposium and International Exhibition and with the first International Conference on Water.



Further information at: www.tecnovapiscinas.ifema.es y tecnovapiscinas@ifema.es

Graphic material: www.presscentre.ifema.es;

Hashtag: #Tecnova2019

https://www.facebook.com/TECNOVAPiscinas/; https://twitter.com/FeriaTecnova

https://www.linkedin.com/company/18599602/ ; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSDFcIObFNDWB52bQx11z2w






MOMAD strengthens its commitment to Sustainable Fashion, with the increasing participation of well-established companies

Noticia Prensa IFEMA G
The success of the specialised Sustainable Experience area can be seen from the growing space requested by exhibitors for their stands.

Sustainability based on innovation, technology and entrepreneurship will be the common thread of the extensive programme of presentations and workshops.

Momad, Fashion in Madrid, is strengthening its commitment to Sustainable Fashion. Well-established companies from this market segment will be brought together in the Sustainable Experience space at the next fair, from 8 to 10 February 2019 at IFEMA-Feria de Madrid. They are widely considered to be benchmarks in this sector and are committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing, while fulfilling responsible social and economic criteria. The sectors represented in this area will be women, men, children, footwear, leather goods, toiletries, jewellery, accessories, glasses, watches and related industries.

In this space, it will be possible to see products from the following companies: Hammerhoj, Skbags & Gifts, Anuscas Family, Root Sunglasses & Watches, Intiferreira, Suela, Ray Musgo, Beatriz Constan, Coeli, Original Art, Susana Álvarez Berlín, Tadoro Tuduri, Blue Dolls, Castor Sunglasses, Coba Complements, Gogopower, Nehcaa, Star Love, One Oak, D The Brand and El Naturalista.

In addition, the popularity of the Sustainable Experience space at Momad can be seen in the increased area requested by exhibitors for their stands, which also confirms the growing demand for this fashion sector from national and international markets. At this fair, around thirty companies will take part, in line with the last time the fair was held.

The significant participation in the Sustainable Experience space consolidates the position of Momad, which is organised by IFEMA, as one of the major fashion trade shows on the international calendar, and places special emphasis on the specific needs of the current market. The Sustainable Fashion Associations of Spain (AMSE), Murcia (MSM) and Madrid (MSMAD) will display the work carried out by their associates and will share their knowledge. Furthermore, this space will also feature the Slow Fashion Next training platform; the INESCOP technology centre; Luxiders Magazine, the German magazine specialising in Sustainable Fashion, published in 3 languages; and the Spanish publications Gansos Salvajes, specialising in responsible lifestyle, and ETHIC, aimed at companies and the environment with a specialised fashion section.

Sustainability and innovation

Sustainability based on innovation, technology and entrepreneurship will be the theme of the comprehensive programme of presentations on Sustainable Fashion to be held on Saturday 9 February at the MOMAD Forum. Ana Belén Muñoz, from INESCOP, and Maribel Martínez Vergara, from the La Rioja Footwear Technology Centre (CTCR), will present a talk entitled Terminology and Differences Between Fur, Leather, Vegan Materials and Synthetic Materials, which will explain all the details related to this topic. Blanca Gómara, from BE2FABRIC, and Santiago Martínez Losa, from MERAKII, will discuss showrooms with added value. Belvis Soler, from Luxiders; Laura Hortal, from Gansos Salvajes and Pablo Blázquez, from Ethic, will focus on new consumers and new companies; more responsible attitudes and concepts.

The presentation given by Ignasi Eiriz, from Ethical Time, and Marisa Fatás, from Kalon Madrid will focus on entrepreneurs and responsible projects, innovation, technology and culture. In addition, Paloma García, from the Madrid-based Sustainable Fashion Association, will explain the work carried out by MSMAD's associated brands, and Luz Rodríguez, from Nehcaa Jewelry, and Guillermo Íñiguez, from One Oak, will cover sustainable jewellery and accessories.

Marina López, from the Spanish Sustainable Fashion Association, will discuss where clothing goes when it is thrown away in the presentation entitled The Problem of Textile Waste: Where Will Our Clothes End Up? Paula Gorini, from the Sustainable Fashion Association in Murcia will present Ecodesign, Circular Economy and Their Application to the Fashion Industry. Gema Gómez, from Slow Fashion Next, will give 20 to ideas to lead the future of fashion. Another presentation by an expert from the company Jeanología will also be given.

During Momad, two sustainable fabrics workshops will also be given at the B2 Fabric stand (Friday 8 at 5 pm and Sunday 10 at 11 am). In addition, Sustainable Experience will also have a green working space, where participating companies can interact, offer or request their needs in the field of sustainable fashion.

Additionally, the Sustainable Experience space will have a Green Coffee café, where visitors to the fair can enjoy healthy food and drinks.

Sustainable backpacks at Momad

One more example of Momad's growing commitment to Sustainability are the backpacks for this year’s fair for buyers and the accredited press, made from a fabric using recycled PET plastic bottles. It takes 35 PET plastic bottles to make 1 kg of fabric. Thanks to recycling, the extraction of non-renewable virgin materials is avoided, energy consumption is reduced by between 80 and 90% and there is less pollution.




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